About Us

Personalized Approach

At West Country Timber Frames we pride ourselves in a professional and flexible approach giving the customer what they want with experienced advice along the way. The ability to make high standard customised timber frames and roof trusses  locally can improve building efficiency and cost with local support and management

On or Off site Construction
West Country Timber Frames can arrange either on or off site construction in impressive time frames and in packages that are easy to handle allowing quick construction without the cost of conventional block work or delivery  from out of county. 
Excellence and Professionalism 

With West Country Timber Frames you will receive a personal and professional service from start to finish, packages will be designed and engineered to high standards giving reassurance and longevity to builds.

Benefits of Timber Frames
Frames depths allow greater insulation to achieve building regulation u-values and reduced energy costs.  On top of this timber has the lowest carbon dioxide (CO2) impact when compared to any other commercial building material.  For every cubic meter of wood used instead of other materials will reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by about 1 tonne.  This can translate into a saving of approximately 3 tonnes of CO2 in a typical 3 bedroom house when built with a timber frame.
In addition the energy required to produce usable timber for our frames is significantly less than other building materials such as steel, concrete and brick. All Timbers are kiln dried, stress graded, treated and backed by engineers calculations. Construction with timber frames are fully insurable and mortgageable.